• Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing(standard Series 02)

Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing(standard Series 02)

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The double-row Ball slewing bearing has three seat-rings.The steel balls and the spacers may be directly arranged into the upper and lower races.Two rows of steel balls with different diameters are fitted according to the force born. Such open mode fitting features extraordinary convenience.The load angles of both upper and lower races are 90 degree ,which enable the bearing to bear large axial force and the tipping moment. When the radial force is larger than 1/10 of the axial force the races should be newly designed.

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The important of slewing bearing life is raceway heat treatment.A slewing ring conveys the force of a bearing part to a stationary part of a mechanism.The resulting load arising from contact of the rolling element on the raceway of the bearing is calculated according to Hertz’ theories and the modern criteria of plasticity.

Xinda carries out local tempering in order to fulfil requirements both in the area of surface compression and this regarding fatigue under the surface.Through induction hardening the required hardness as well as an adequate depth hardness is achieved.

Through systematic manufacturing controls ,quality and equability during heat treatment of the slewing rings and conformity with Xinda specification is guaranteed.

As the axle and the dimension of the double-row ball slewing bearing are rather large,the bearing construction is sturdy ,hence it is especially suitable for tower cranes which require working radius over medium range,mobile cranes and loading and unloading machines.

Technical Note

1.n1-number of lubricating holes,evenly distributed,lubricating nipple M10*1 JB/T7940.1-JB/T7940.2.

2.Mounting hole n-Φ,may be replaced with screw hole,tooth width b may be taken as H-h.

3.Gear force of periphery given in the table is its maximum value,nominal force of periphery is taken 1/2 of the given value.

4.The trim top coefficient of outer and inner tooth 0.1 and 0.2 respectively.

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