• 51 international Labor Days

51 international Labor Days

51 international Labor Days call 51 sections, May 1 in every year.

The Chinese people celebrate the activity of the Labor Day and can trace back to 1918.Is a year, etc. of some knowledge members of revolution at Shanghai, Suzhou ground sends forth to introduce toward crowd"51" of handbill.On May 1 in 1920, worker's crowd of etc. of Peking, Shanghai, Guangzhou city goes into the street to hold the huge parade of threatening force and hold a meeting.After new China establish, our country in December of 1949 will"51" settle for the legal Labor Day.


"51" night before lasts of 1921, the long and hot store labor extension school that summer waits for someone to establish in the communism group of Peking member in, the workers learn to sing 《 51 memorial songs 》 .Its lyrics is:" The beautiful freedom, the star of world, puts together me red-blooded, sacrifice for him, want to sweep away the force system everything clean, remember the beautiful day of May first.The red flag dance in the wind, walk bright road, each exhausted ability, each take need, don't divide the rich and poor high or low, responsibility only mutual aid, wish hard everyone is together enterprising." This stalwart and emollient song, from grow the teacher of the hot store labor practice school and University of Peking to progress the student to create the plait but become together.

In September 1999, the State Council reformed and promulgated a new statutory vacation system. Every year, the National Day, Spring Festival and May Day statutory holidays are added with

reverse vacation, and the national vacation lasts for 7 days. Since then, the tourism consumption fever triggered by the three "Golden Weeks" has become a new bright spot in China's economic life, and the holiday economy has become a new topic that people enjoy talking about.

The significance of International Labor Day lies in the fact that the laborers have won their legitimate rights and interests through struggle and with indomitable and heroic spirit of struggle. This is the historical progress of human civilization and democracy. This is the essence of May Day. So people pay so much attention to Labor Day.

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