• Maintenance of Slewing Ring and Lubricant Use

Maintenance of Slewing Ring and Lubricant Use

Slewing ring is a very important parts in engineering machinery, it can control the mechanical operation.

Selection lubricant carefully will extend the service life of slewing ring.In order to prevent the slewing ring  using problems in the future, please keep good maintenance.

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Before slewing ring leave factory,some grease should be in the raceway of slewing ring .Before the slewing ring work ,please change the grease and filling in enough grease according to your different working conditions,you can choose NO.2 EP grease .

Ball slewing ring is lubricated every 100 hours ,roller slewing ring is lubricated every 50 hours.Fill the raceway with grease till it is seeping from the seals.Also check the pre-tightening force of slewing ring , must keep enough pre-tightening force.

Give you attention to the runing slewing ring,you should stop it to check when noise,impulsion or other problem unable to run .Trouble shooting and guarantee the operation will not have any problem.

About cleaning,it can not cleaning with water directly , prevent water into the raceway, prevent hard object or debris into the raceway and lead to the teeth of slewing ring teeth mismatch.Usually wipe off the foreigh bodys and spread grease.

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It better to protect the slewing rings from dust,rain,water and high temperature in operation and defend gear engagement zone against hard objec

Check the seal usually ,change it when it’s damaged.To prevent serious problem in the process of running.


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