• Single-row cross roller Slewing Bearing (Standard Series 11)

Single-row cross roller Slewing Bearing (Standard Series 11)

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The single-row cross roller slewing ring is composed of two seat rings. It features compact In design, light in weight, high precision and small fitting clearance.As the rollers are 1: 1 cross arrange, it is suitable for high precision mounting and Capable to bear axial force, resultant moment and considerable large radial force.

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The single-row crossed roller slewing rings are widely used for hoisting,platform, transporting Engineering machinery as well as for military products, amusement rides : rotating series ,such as carousel and so on.


All of our production processes are carried out according to GB/T2300-1999 standards. We are ISO9001: 2011 certified. With capacity of a whole assembly line to produce in our own factory under sophisticated management and supervision system, we assure our customer of our products’ quality. Moreover, we have a established after-sale service team supporting our customers in both Chinese and English.

We are capable to provide competitive price for our products combined with excellent after sale service. Our confidence comes from the fact that we produce our own products and there is no middleman in between our company and customers.

Why choose us?

Excellent Quality:  Strict quality control system and good quality test engineer team. 

Competitive Price: Factory wholesale price.

Five-star Service:  Fast speed,high efficiency,try our best to meet our clients needs 

Professional Service: More than16 years OEM service experience ,we can produce according to your requirements. 

Fast Delivery: Large stock and 15-40days lead-time.

Technical data

1.n1-number of lubricating holes,evenly distributed,lubricating nipple M10*1 JB/T7940.1-JB/T7940.2.

2.Mounting hole n-¦µ,may be replaced with screw hole,tooth width b may be taken as H-h.

3.Gear force of periphery given in the table is its maximum value,nominal force of periphery is taken 1/2 of the given value.

4.The trim top coefficient of outer and inner tooth 0.1 and 0.2 respectively.


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