• Single Row Four Point Contact Ball Slewing Bearing(Standard Series HS)

Single Row Four Point Contact Ball Slewing Bearing(Standard Series HS)

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The HS series single row four points contact ball Slewing Bearing is composed of two seat-rings.It features compact in design,light in weight,the balls contact with the circular raceway at four points,capable to bear axial force,radial force and tilting moment simultaneously.

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Xinda can produce HS serial slewing bearing from 100mm to 5000mm with diameter.Xinda’s innovative product development and precision motion control technology expertise are a result of over 20 years of cumulative experience in the design and manufacture of high quality slewing ring bearings. Whether your application requires torque, precision, efficiency, size optimization, or a completely custom product, xinda will tailor a solution to suit your exact needs.

Four-point contact ball slewing bearing (Standard Series HS) can be used for slewing conveyer,welding manipulator,light,medium and duty cranes,excavators and other construction machinery



1.Have stronger loading capacity and convenient compare to normal bearings

2.Can Bear Radial and Axial force

3.Passed ISO9001 Certificate

4.Special designs available

5.OEM available

6.Alibaba Gold Verified Supplier

7.Machinery standards:JB/T2300-2011,MT475-1996,JG/66-1999,CB/T3669-1999

Preparations for installation:Make sure that the model same with order;Check the package to ensure the interity during the transportation;Open the package in clean and dry environment and check the rotate;Inner stress and heat treatment should be removed after installing bracket,process machine complantely.The bracket should have enough flexility to avoid the distortion of the slewing bearing and influence of its usage;The installation datum plane and bracket installing plane should be clean,grease,burr,paint and other foreign bodys should be wiped off.


1.Grease nipple M10*1,n1-number of lubricating holes,evenly distributed.

2.The space-shift coefficient given in the table is the data of outer tooth,while that of inner tooth is +0.35.

hs 1

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