XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.(abbreviation: Xugong Machinery, stock code: 000425.SZ) is Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., LTD. XGMC is a core member of the state-owned enterprise reform "double hundred enterprises", the first batch of mixed ownership reform pilot enterprises in Jiangsu Province, is China's construction machinery industry large-scale, product varieties and series complete, extremely competitive, influential and national strategic position of 100 billion level enterprises.


Currently ranked 3rd in the global industry, 4th in China's top 100 machinery industry and 395th in the world's Top 500 brands, it is a resounding business card of China's equipment manufacturing industry.


The company's predecessor traces back to the Eighth Arsenal of Lunan of the Eighth Route Army, which was founded in 1943. It is the founder and pioneer of China's construction machinery industry, leading the industry to open a precedent of internationalization, and continuously contributing to the construction of major global projects.


The company's products include earthmoving machinery, lifting machinery, piling machinery, concrete machinery, road machinery five pillar industries, as well as mining machinery, aerial work platform, environmental industry, agricultural machinery, port machinery, rescue support equipment and other strategic new industries, under the administration of host and so on.


Xuzhou Xinda provide a variety of models slewing bearing for XCMG, quality has been recognized by XCMG.


Xuzhou Xinda Slewing Bearing Co.,ltd has been the forefront of the design and manufacture of slewing turntable bearings (slewing bearings). Xuzhou Xinda is committed to meeting the demanding requirements of every industry and market.

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