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  • Interchange Series Kaydon Slewing Bearings

    Xuzhou Xinda Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of slewing bearing for standard and non-standard application,which is specializing in producing,designing and R&D . Slewing bearing can carry axial loads, tilting moment and radial loads all at the same time. Almost all steel balls will carry load under the combined action of axial load and tilting moment load. Steel balls are in contact with the raceway of outer ring and inner on a single-point,...
  • Inch Size Slewing Rings

    Slewing bearing is a large of bearing with special structure that could bear integrated load like axle load, radial load and overturning load. It combines support, rotating, transmission, fixed, sealed, anti-corrosion and other functions into one unit. Normally, slewing bearing has huge dimensions, OD usually betwwen 0.4m to 10m, and some even to 40m. Slew ring widely used in lifting machinery, construction machinery, transmission machinery, mining and metallurgy machinery, medical equipment ...
  • Interchange Series IMO Slewing Rings & Slewing Drives

    Slewing bearing of Xuzhou Xinda are model complete and reliable in quality. Widely used in construction machinery, earth-moving machinery, excavators, beverage canning machines, dismantling machines, stackers, graders, road rollers, dynamic compactors, rock drills, TBM, sky wheels, port machinery, wind power, concrete machinery…etc. slewing bearing can easily make the mainframe structure compact, and it is convenient to conduct circumgyratetion, manufacture, install and maintain. Engineer tea...

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