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Precision slewing ring bearing NBL.20.0314.200-1PPN

NBL.20.0314.200-1PPN Specifications

Type of raceway structure Light type profile slewing bearing(Thin Section)
Single raceway light slew bearing
Max Outer diameter 418mm
Min Inner diameter 312.5mm
Overall height 56mm
External bolt circle diameter 390mm
Internal bolt circle diameter 232mm
Tooth form without tooth
Theoretical Weight 19kgs


Product type advantages

Single raceway slew bearing(Thin Section)

Light type profile slewing bearing has the same structure with general slewing bearing , it features in weight , swivel flexible.

Order advantage

Delivery time :7-30 days (negotiable).

Some type of slewing bearing we have in stock.

Payment terms :LC or T/T.

Warranty period: 12 month .

Port of loading :Port in China

What are the types of Slewing Bearings VSA200414-N ?

INA Slewing Bearings Manufacturing Service .



1.Amusement rides : rotating series ,such as carousel and so on

2.wind power generator :they help the rotor blades rotate easily in the wind and transform kinetic energy into electric power.

3.military equipment such as naval vessels, radar antennas, and airborne vehicles

4.medical equipment , such as CT scanners

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