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EBL.20.1094.200-1SPTN four point contact ball Slewing ring bearing

EBL.20.1094.200-1SPTN serie flange standard Slewing ring bearing Specifications

Type of raceway structure Single raceway light slew bearing
Max Outer diameter 1198.4mm
Min Inner diameter 984mm
Overall height 56mm
External bolt circle diameter 1135mm
Internal bolt circle diameter 1012mm
Module 5mm
Tooth Number 148
Theoretical Weight 87kgs


Product type advantages

Single raceway slew bearing(flange Section)

The characteristics: the internal ring and the external ring are both L-shaped; The flank surface of ring is provided with a grease cup, steel balls is assembled between the external ring and internal ring on integration. each ball is separated by spacer, the steel balls and the spacers are installed through the load plug, and the taper pin to protect the ball running.

Order advantage

1.Stable quality, competitive price

2.Slewing rings dia.100-6000mm

3.Focus on clients' needs

4.Customized order,OEM/ODM services

5.Passed ISO9001 Certificate

6.Special designs available

7.high quality, reasonable price,complete after-sales servic



Light Industry Like Food Machinery, Packing Machinery,

Metallurgical Machinery,

Steel Works Equipment,

Sewage Treatment Plant;

Wind Power Field;

Agricultural Machinery;

Military Products.

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