excavator slewing bearing


Slewing bearingis a key structural part, which is widely used in various construction machinery equipment, such as excavators, cranes, tower cranes, concrete pump trucks and so on. It is mainly used to connect rotating parts, such as turntables, rotating arms, lifting arms, etc., between the fuselage, to support and transmit rotating power. The main function of slewing bearing includes support and rotation.


First of all, the slewing bearing plays a supporting role in construction machinery. In the construction machinery equipment, the slewing support carries the weight of the rotating parts, so that the rotating parts can rotate smoothly. For example, in an excavator, the slewing support connects the bucket and the fuselage, bears the weight of the entire bucket, and enables it to operate smoothly with the rotation of the rotating platform. In the crane, the slewing support connects the boom and the fuselage, supporting and carrying the weight of the boom and lifting heavy objects, so that the crane can stably lift and transport objects.

excavator slewing bearing

Secondly, the slewing bearing plays a rotating role in construction machinery. Through its excellent friction performance and structural design, the slewing bearing can make the connected rotating parts rotate freely in a certain range. This rotation ability enables construction machinery and equipment to achieve flexible operation and multi-angle operation during the working process.


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