Staff team building activities


Team building has become an indispensable part of our corporate culture,Xuzhou Xinda held a team building activity every year.In order to make the event more organized and ceremonial, our company also customized shirts for employees.


The event lasted half a day , consisting of nine classical team games, namely:Big Trees and Squirrels, Seek and Find, Stand Up, Big Circle & Small Circle, and Egg-proof Vest, the forest , bonfire &,drum ball & ball travels thousands of miles.


The first project is the forest, first divided into groups, to the group as a unit, each person with the palm of the hand to control a plastic rod, when you loosen the plastic rod in your hand, to quickly receive the rod in front of the teammates, rotate each other, a continuous circle is successful.Any person who drops the stick or holds the stick is considered a failure and must start all over again.Seemingly simple tasks, when implemented to a team is not simple, repeated failures let us feel do simple things well, give the team the greatest support, the whole team needs tacit cooperation, unity is success.


Alongside fun and interaction, these games also offered opportunities for practicing leadership, teamwork, communication and creative thinking skills.Improve team cohesion. Enhance mutual understanding among employees, let employees tolerate and trust each other, and let team members respect each other.


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