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281.30.1200.013 Type 110/1400.1 Slewing Bearing

281.30.1200.013 Type 110/1400.1 Slewing Bearing Slewing Bearing

Type of raceway structure:Single Row Slewing Bearing

Max Outer diameter:1398mm

Min Inner diameter:1105mm

Overall height:90mm

External bolt circle diameter:1316mm

Internal bolt circle diameter:1145mm

Tooth Number:138



Product type advantages

281.30.1200.013 Type 110/1400.1 four point contact ball slewing bearing can carry axial loads, tilting moment and radial loads all at the same time. Almost all steel balls will carry load under the combined action of axial load and tilting moment load. Steel balls are in contact with the raceway of outer ring and inner on a single-point, respectively when carrying pure axial load. When radial loads exceed a certain value there would be two points respectively for the contacting balls within the outer and inner raceway. Meanwhile, wear and friction moment would be in large order to overcome the axial force.

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281.30.1200.013 Type 110/1400.1slewing bearing widely used in food machinery , filling machinery , environment protection machine and so on .

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