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VLA200544-N INA Slewing Bearing

VLA200544-N INA Slewing Bearing Slewing Bearing(XD series slewing ring bearing)

Type of raceway structure:Single Row Slewing Bearing

Max Outer diameter:640.3mm

Min Inner diameter:434mm

Overall height:56mm

External bolt circle diameter:585mm

Internal bolt circle diameter:462mm

Tooth Number:292

Tooth Modulus:6



Product type advantages

VLA200544-N Light slewing bearing mainly includes the external ring & internal ring, the grease fittings, the sealing belt, the spacers, the load plug and the taper pin, the characteristics: the internal ring and the external ring are both L-shaped; The flank surface of ring is provided with a grease cup, steel balls is assembled between the external ring and internal ring on integration. each ball is separated by spacer, the steel balls and the spacers are installed through the load plug, and the taper pin to protect the ball running. Light type profile slewing bearing has the same structure with general slewing bearing , it features in weight , swivel flexible .

Order advantage

1.Stronger loading capacity

2.Large size/diameter

3.ISO 9001:2008 certificate

4.OEM available


VLA200544-N Light slewing bearing widely used in food machinery , filling machinery , environment protection machine and so on .

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